Myanmar Premium was launched on 27th March 2016 in Draught followed by Pint and Can in June 2016. Myanmar Premium is the first specially crafted 100% malt beer brewed from quality imported malt. With an alcohol content of 5%, it is a smooth easy to drink premium beer that is full flavored with slight fruity notes. The term craft beer symbolizes the level of craftsmanship that has gone into developing a premium quality beer that uses only the finest ingredient. Myanmar Premium is a high quality golden malt lager that has been created for Myanmar consumers who have an appreciation for craft beers.

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Myanmar Beer

Myanmar Beer was launched on 24th October 1997 in Quart followed by Draught in February 1998 and Can in March 1998 with 5% alcohol by volume.
Myanmar Beer reflects the strong local values of the Myanmar people, and the rising aspirations and sense of belonging to the country and patriotism. It has become one of the symbol Myanmar is proud of. Myanmar Beer provides you the new lens to experience everything afresh.

Myanmar Double Strong

Myanmar Double Strong brewed with the best ingredients, high quality Hops, Malts and Yeast from Europe, Australia and Singapore and active water purification process.

Myanmar Double Strong was launched in 29.7.2009 with 9.9% alcoholic in the high alcoholic category. After 2 years in the market, Myanmar Double Strong changed its new look and reintroduced into market with 7.7% alcoholic.

In 2011, The Brewing Industry International Awards Gold Medal & Champion Trophy.

Black Shield Stout

Black Shield was launched into the market on 9th September 2015 in Draught followed by Can and Quart in 18th November 2015 with 8.1% alcohol by volume.

Black Shield Stout is a premium stout brewed from quality imported roasted malt, hops and yeast. With an alcohol content of 8.1%, it is the strongest on the market. Seen by many as a perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday living, it’s the perfect drinker’s drink allowing you to wake up the following morning hangover-free. It is made to be enjoyed for its rich, unique flavor.

Black Shield Stout offers the same great drink quality in a stout while being smoother, less bitter, and more aromatic than alternatives. It is the perfect drink for when you’re sharing time with your closest friends and acquaintances, when you have time to savor the richness of the whole experience.

Andaman Gold

Andaman Gold Can was launched in March 2006 and re-launched its new brand ID in December 2012 and followed by new premium international look in May 2015. It can be available with 5% alcohol content in Draught, Can & Quart and 6.5% alcohol content in Can & Quart.

Andaman Gold is golden lager beer, crafted using water from a natural aquifer and the finest malted barley, hops and yeast for a refreshing taste. Andaman Gold Beer transforms daily tensions into a renewed zest for life.