About This Project

Nargis Relief

Myanmar had left with an enormous lost after Nargis Storm in 2008. The situation was devastating and lots of areas were flooded. Myanmar got helps from international organizations and local communities and one of them was Myanmar Brewery Ltd.Myanmar Brewery donated money, cloths, foods and other necessities to the suffered people.


Operation Smile

This program is based in Singapore and has outreached in Myanmar currently in megacities such as Yangon and Mandalay. Operation Smile aim for children who has suffered from cleft palate and bring back their smile. It is a non-profit organization going world widely and perform free surgeries regardless of gender, race and possessi.


Blood Donation

It has been a tradition for Myanmar Brewery’s staffs to donate the most precious thing for human body, blood, to people in need. We usually carry out this program twice a year and all staffs from MBL participate willingly.